About Us

About Us

Embark on a digital journey with us where authenticity meets innovation. We started our expedition as Technocomp in May 2011, and over the years, we've transformed into your trusted partner in the dynamic world of computers and genuine software solutions. In 2016, we embraced a new identity as Razqashop, formalizing our commitment under the legal entity CV. Razqa Berkah Mandiri. This evolution signifies our dedication to providing top-notch service and original software products, ensuring your digital experience is seamless and secure. Join us as we continue to shape the future of technology together.

Our Story:

At Razqashop, we believe in breaking down barriers, allowing teams to concentrate on what truly matters—collaborating seamlessly to deliver products that resonate with their customers.

Our Pledge to Authenticity:

Dive into the world of original software from industry leaders like Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, and more. Since 2016, Razqashop has been an Adobe Certified Partner and Microsoft Authorized Reseller and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Partner, as well as many other developers and companies in 2021 to date, ensuring that you only get authorized and authentic software.

Beyond Software:

But hey, we're not just about software! We have mastered the art of PC and laptop servicing and supplying various computer and laptop needs, winning the hearts of many clients in Bandung and Tasikmalaya. With over a decade of experience, our team excels in computer procurement, VGA card repair and laptop maintenance services. Whether you are a technology enthusiast, freelancer, or business entity, we are ready to meet all your computing needs.

Driven by Expertise:

Our journey in the computer industry has shaped us into a one-stop-shop for IT services. From computer procurement to repairs, maintenance, and user-friendly computer training, Razqa Berkah Mandiri embodies quality and excellence.

Embracing the Digital Era:

The rapid growth in the field of Information Technology has made Razqashop more robust. We don't just facilitate transactions; we are your partner in this digital journey. Serving freelancers and direct users, we ensure a smooth and secure experience for individuals and businesses, including government institutions and educational organizations.

Our Vision:

At Razqa Berkah Mandiri, we're not just envisioning success; we're making it happen. Our goal is to be a leading force, empowering businesses and individuals with genuine software and top-notch IT services.

Join us on this exciting venture, where professionalism meets friendliness. Razqa Berkah Mandiri — your partner in navigating the digital landscape with a smile.

Core values

We break down barriers so teams can focus on what matters – working together to deliver products their customers love.

  • Expert Guidance

    Our team of specialists is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the right software for your unique requirements.

  • Premium Collaborations

    Benefit from our partnerships with renowned developers, ensuring access to the latest and most trusted software solutions.

  • Tailored Licenses

    Enjoy the flexibility of choosing licenses that match your budget and usage patterns.

  • Secure Installations

    Experience hassle-free installations with our support team ensuring a smooth setup process.

  • Data Security

    Rest easy knowing that your data's security and confidentiality are paramount to us.

  • Stronger united

    At Razqa Berkah Mandiri, we don't just provide software; we offer a gateway to innovation. Join us on this digital journey, and let's shape a future where technology serves you seamlessly.



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